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  • McBride, British Columbia, Canada: All day seminar

  • Birmingham, Alamaba: Keynote at state conference, plus two side sessions

  • Tacoma, Washington: Additional half-day seminar

  • Tacoma, Washington: Half-day training seminar

  • Houston, Texas: Six-hour training seminar

  • Toledo, Ohio: Two presentations at state ACTE conference

  • Kent, Washington: Chamber of Commerce featured speaker

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan: Keynote and afternoon follow-up at state conference

  • Evansville, Indiana: Keynote, and all-day follow-up at five county conference

  • Kent, Washington: Chamber of Commerce featured speaker

  • Yakima, Washington: Keynote and follow-up at state conference

  • Spokane, Washington: Two three-hour presentations for the American Massage Association Conference

  • Las Vegas, Nevada: All-day training

  • Seattle, Washington: Half-hour radio interview on KKNW

  • Article in "Washington Massage Journal"

  • National magazine article in "Techniques"

  • Spokane, Washington: Opening Keynote at Gonzaga University

  • Sandy LaBelle's book featured as the Book of the Month for the National Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)

  • Federal Way, Washington: Two-hour presentation at the Human Brain and Human Learning Center

  • Bowling Green, Kentucky: Six-hour seminar

  • Kearney Nebraska: Keynote for Nebraska State Conference

  • Sumner, Washington: Three-hour presentation
  • Richmond, Virginia: Three ballroom presentations at state conference

  • Louisville, Kentucky: Closing keynote at state conference

  • "COLUMNS" Letter to editor in University of Washington Alumni Magazine

  • Kent, Washington: Second two-hour presentation

  • Kent, Washington: Two-hour presentation

  • Oahu, Hawaii: Six-hour presentation

  • Evansville, Indiana: Two ninety-minute presentations at six county conference

  • Kearney, Nebraska: Presentation to INVEST five county conference

  • Auburn, Washington: Green River Community College Conference Keynote

  • Washington Education Association magazine (December, November, and October) Articles for the "WEA Today"

  • Arcadia, Indiana: Half-day presentation

  • “Techniques” Article (national magazine for the Association of Career and Technical Education – ACTE)

  • Roanoke, Virginia: State Conference lunch keynote followed by two 90-minute breakout sessions

  • Lovington, New Mexico: Half-day presentation

  • Champaign, Illinois: Illinois University conference keynote

  • South Bend, Washington: Conference keynote

  • “Techniques” Article (national magazine for the Association of Career and Technical Education – ACTE)

  • Stowe, Vermont: State Conference keynote followed by two 60-minute breakout sessions

  • Mobile, Alabama: All day seminar

  • Saint Helen's City, Oregon: Conference keynote

  • Kearney, Nebraska: Keynote speaker at the INVEST Conference

  • Yakima, Washington: Conference Keynote

  • Tukwilla, Washington: Half-day presentation

  • Evansville, Indiana: Keynote for 5-county conference

  • Pine Tree/Hill Top, Arizona: Keynote presentation at multi-county conference

  • Spokane, Washington: Speaker for State Secondary School Principals' Conference

  • "National Association for Quality" magazine article

  • Bellevue, Washington: Conference keynote

  • “Techniques” article (national magazine for the Association of Career and Technical Education – ACTE)

  • "National Association for Quality" magazine article

  • Kent, Washington: Half-day presentation

  • Anaheim, California: Keynote at National Conference (followed by three ballroom presentations)

  • Indiana: Presentation at Indiana State Conference

  • SeaTac, Washington: Presentation at the Washington State PTA Conference

  • Kent, Washington: South King County Journal article

  • San Diego, California: Presentation for National ACTE

  • Covington, Washington: King County Library System book signing

  • Cleveland, Ohio: All day presentation

  • “Techniques” Article (national magazine for the Association of Career and Technical Education – ACTE)

  • Issaquah, Washington: All day presentation.

  • Seattle, Washington: Seattle School District conference presentation

  • Seattle, Washington: Seattle Times newspaper article"Giving Power to the Pupils''

  • SeaTac, Washington: Presentation to the Washington State PTA

  • Honolulu, Hawaii: All day seminar hosted by the University of Hawaii

  • Tacoma, Washington: Half-day presentation

  • Maple Valley, Washington: Article in the Maple Valley News

  • San Antonio, Texas: National conference ballroom presentation

  • Orlando, Florida: ACTE national conference presentation


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