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Ways "Get Your Life Back" can add to your Conference

  • Sandy can keynote for your organization or provide a unique presentation to meet your particular needs.

  • Whether you want a one hour keynote or a full day presentation, we will design a program tailored to your particular needs.

  • Below are some sample keynote topics.

What if, WHAT IF, working harder with longer hours is NOT the solution?

Every 20 minutes (or less) Sandy changes pace as she shares easy and specific techniques to get one’s work done AND have energy left to enjoy a home life. This presentation can be tailored into a keynote or a half day presentation, depending on the client’s needs.


Specific Hints to Manage Paperwork

Would you like to triple your reading speed? Can you imagine how much more relaxed you would be if you only spent 1/3 the time on paperwork obligations? In addition, Sandy uses entertaining stories and audience participation to share specific ways one can streamline paperwork tasks – without reducing accuracy or effectiveness. People have referred to these ideas as “flathead management” as one slaps their forehead and says, “That’s so simple! Why haven’t I thought of this?” This presentation can be tailored into a keynote or a half day presentation, depending on the client’s needs.


How to Involve Workers in Decision-making, Without Using LOTS of Work Time

In today’s workplace, managers are encouraged to involve workers in decision-making. However, the techniques are frequently time consuming and frustrating. Sandy will share simple techniques to involve ALL workers (even the quiet ones). If you then need to prioritize the input, Sandy can also share an easy way to involve the whole group and achieve the prioritizing goal in about 30 minutes. There are also efficient techniques for creating committees to focus on the group-prioritized goals. Efficient solutions can then be brought to the large group for approval.

If you like the idea of more cooperation from workers through group involvement in decision-making --- but DREAD the process, let Sandy lead your group. After one half-day seminar, you will have the tools and the skill to efficiently lead future group decision-making opportunities.


How to Manage Difficult Workers

An uncomfortable task for most managers is that of dealing with difficult employees. Sandy will provide specific ideas for transforming difficult people into cooperative workers - without confrontation. In addition, Sandy will share specific insights into techniques to improve communication skills. Sandy keeps the presentation moving with changing activities and a fast pace of ideas. At the end of a half-day presentation, people are heard to say, “Is it over already?”


How to Deal with the Physical Symptoms of Long-term Stress

Sleep deprivation and stress-related illnesses are becoming common place. It is important to recognize the symptoms and how we can best deal with them so we can all do the best job possible. Sandy shares the specific signs of sleep deprivation and how we can reduce the effects (it takes more than just more sleep on the weekend). She also shares nine physical illnesses that result from long term stress, and how we can manage them (it takes
more than going to the doctor for a pill).


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