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Welcome to
"Get Your Life Back"


Would you like over 90 specific hints to reduce your stress and fatigue?

Would you like easy ideas to encourage continuous quality improvement?

Ready for some easy ideas to increase people skills?


Sandy LaBelle is proud to present her newest book focused on helping people accomplish a quality job AND still have time and energy left for a rewarding personal life. The conversational tone of this book makes for an easy read. Check out the table of contents (see navigation bar) for the topics covered in Get Your Life Back. Sometimes we get so focused on doing a great job at work that our personal life suffers. Sandy’s goal is for you to do a great job at work, while also having an enjoyable personal life.


Mrs. LaBelle is also available for keynotes, seminars, and presentations.


Do you know a teacher who would like more responsible students, fewer behavior problems, and less stress and fatigue? Sandy LaBelle has also written two self-help books for teachers. She uses proven business and educational strategies to create easy-to-implement techniques for more effective classroom management. Please visit the education web site at www.teachingsmarter.net for more information.